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Mic Studio, founded in 2009, is a furniture design brand led by a Singapore design team and led by space design and lifestyle product design. Adhere to the brand proposition of consideration, consideration and consideration, hope that consumers can taste and appreciate the beauty of life from the complicated and noisy life when using its designed products.

Mic Studio introduces international lifestyle and urban culture trends, uses the latest fashion elements and the most suitable technology, holds a persistent and persistent attitude in design, and insists on environmental protection, quality and detail control in production.

Mic studio's professional design and marketing team has more than ten years of experience in furniture export and international brand cooperation. From the perspective of user thinking, it has an international perspective and service level. It has cooperated with many international well-known interior design companies on many large projects and has rich experience, including boutique hotels, personalized restaurants, cafes, clubs and so on. Mic studio's products can easily fit all kinds of use spaces, whether domestic or public.

The concept of MIC studio is built on the products of bar life and art design. It has been pursuing the application of technology and materials and the original intention of affordable art. We are committed to becoming an international furniture fashion brand in China and advocate a diversified and colorful Chinese urban living culture. We hope to use its international design concept to continue to cultivate at the two levels of international life elements and fashion furniture art, and export products with good quality and appearance performance that better meet the market demand to the vast Chinese and overseas markets.

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Houjie Town, Dongguan, Guangdong province, China

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