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MIC STUDIO is headed by Singapore based design team, which is specialized in space and lifestyle product design. The brand concept is: hope that consumers in the use of its product will appreciate the beauty of life even in the busy daily activities. With the persistent attitude, MIC studio insists on the combination of beauty, practicability and safety for every single product.


MIC STUDIO introduced the global lifestyle and trend in its product. Besides the outlook, the trend, and the comfort, we do focus on environmental consideration in every production.


Leading the MDF powder coating technology, we were awarded the Singapore Green Label certificates.


Other than the products, MIC studio offers you an intangible asset, our marketing and sales team that provides you the marketing vision and marketing analysis in any particular area. With all the experience and reference, the team will be able to offer you ideas in setting concept coffee shop , theme hotel and stylish restaurant.


One more thing… We are here to set up your dream with you.


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